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Standard Arabic is understood by most of the people belonging to the Arab community, who in general terms are able to speak the language to an acceptable level: this is not surprising, as standard Arabic is used for written communications, it is the language of the Koran, the education system, public institutions and the media. Egyptian Arabic, an oriental dialect with Maghrebi traits, is also understood by a great number of Arabs, above all due to the enormous success and prestige associated with the Egyptian film, television and music industries.

Dixon offers a specialised Spanish · Arabic translations service covering technical and legal documentation, contracts,  sworn translations, transcriptions, software and videogames, catalogues, websites, etc.

Given the particular characteristics of the Arabic alphabet and that fact that Arabic is written and read from right to left, it should be borne in mind that documents presented for translation to/from Arabic in formats such as Freehand and Quark, etc., often require complementary Layout - DTP services.

For further information about our Spanish · Arabic translation service, or to receive a free, non-binding quote for your translation project, please contact our Translation Project Management Department.

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