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Spanish · English Website Translation and Localization

Multilingual translation and localization of a website clearly improves performance and visibility in the Internet. That is why, when working on multilingual website translation projects, Dixon Servicios Lingüísticos, S.L., places special emphasis on the optimization of the translated texts through the inclusion of keywords, specific terminology, the translation and distribution of the "meta tags" of each of the pages that make up a website, together with additional factors collectively known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In the case of websites delivered for translation in HTML or XML formats, our company employs a range of tools that enable us to translate directly over the original formats, thus reducing the time employed both in the translation and web-construction processes, whilst ensuring a uniformity of style and conserving the structure and aspect of the original pages: our clients receive the same web pages, but translated into the desired languages.

With regard to websites designed in other formats (php, asp, flash, etc.), we recommend the establishment of a clear channel of communication between our translation project management team and the person or group responsible for the maintenance of the website. Our experience in this field has shown us that this is by far the most efficient method to respond to the technical challenges that often appear during website translation projects.

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